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Our tree altimeter is in use globally

Conceived and designed more than 60 years ago by our founder Hans Haga the Haga tree altimeter still is an indispensable aid in the worldwide forestry and timber industries. Precise functionality, simple and comfortable handling as well as the robust construction bestows the durable product with an unbroken popularity to this day.

Top-accuracy measurements

The pointer and the scale system are integrated into a stable light metal housing and thus securely protected from external influences. The pistol-shaped design simplifies use which is of great importance for the accuracy of the measurements in continual recording.


Matching: the rangefinder from Haga

As known, the determination of the height is based on the measurement of the angle between the location and the top of the tree. The distance to the object being measured can, supported by our matching rangefinder, easily and quickly be determined. The device is therefore designed for mounting an optical rangefinder.

More information and instructions on handling the two devices can be found in our product brochures.

You can obtain the Haga altimeter and the rangefinder direct from us. Our altimeter is also available from specialised, well-assorted dealers.